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The Database for Hydrological Time Series of Inland Waters (DAHITI) provides a variety of hydrological information on lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and wetlands derived from satellite data, i.e., from multi-mission satellite altimetry and optical remote sensing imagery. All products are available free of charge for the user community.


Global SnowPack

The Global SnowPack is derived from daily, operational MODIS snow cover product for each day since February 2000. Data gaps due to polar night and cloud cover are filled in several processing steps, which provides a unique global data set characterized by its high accuracy, spatial resolution of 500 meters and continuous future expansion. It consists of the two main elements daily snow cover extent (SCE) and seasonal snow cover duration (SCD; full and for early and late season). Both parameters have been designated by the WMO as essential climate variables, the accurate determination of which is important in order to be able to record the effects of climate change. Changes in the largest part of the cryosphere in terms of area have drastic effects on people and the environment.


Global WaterPack

The Global WaterPack is a dataset containing information about open surface water cover parameters on a global scale. The water detection is derived from daily, operational MODIS datasets for every year since 2003. The negative effects of polar darkness and cloud coverage are compensated by applying interpolation processing steps. Thereby, a unique global dataset can be provided that is characterized by its high temporal resolution of one day and a spatial resolution of 250 meter.
Information about extent and dynamics of open surface water are essential for climate research, hydrological applications, flood prediction and water management. Climate and environmental change as well as water management are influencing the characteristics and duration of surface water around the globe. Therefore, precise information about the different open surface water parameters and their development over time are of high importance for various research fields.

Product Catalogue (STAC):


The global land water storage (GLWS) data set is produced by assimilating gridded GRACE and GRACE-FO-derived total water storage anomalies (TWSA) into the WaterGAP Global Hydrology Model using an Ensemble Kalman Filter. The data set contains monthly total water storage anomaly (TWSA), groundwater, soil moisture and surface water data on 0.5° grids as well as the corresponding standard deviations during 01/2003 to 12/2019.



The ICESat-2 River Surface Slope (IRIS) dataset comprises global reach-scale average and extreme Water Surface Slopes (WSS) derived from ICESat-2 observations as a supplement to over 120,00 reaches from the SWOT Mission River Database (SWORD).




Earthquake correction for CSR, GFZ and ITSG solutions of GRACE level 3 total water storage anomalies from 2003-01 to 2016-12 correcting for the Sumatra-Andaman (2004) and Tohoku (2011) earthquakes on an 0.5° grid.



This dataset includes corrections for GRACE, removing the leakage effect from 283 of the major global lakes and reservoirs (removal approach) for 2003 – 2016 and optionally relocating the leaked mass to its origin within the outline of the lakes/reservoirs. The correction is computed from forward-modelling surface water volume estimates derived from satellite altimetry and remote sensing. A DDK3-filter has been applied.