Global Calibration and Data Assimilation

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April, 2021

We are happy to contribute to the EGU online conference. Please check out our contributions. The full citations can be found here.
Mon, 26 April
– 15.47 CEST: S. Mayr et al.: Uncertainty Estimation for a Global Inland Surface Water Time-Series (EGU2021-6399) in the session HS3.3
Thu, 29 April
– 9.09 CEST: K.-H. Hsu et al.: Using high-resolution groundwater data for the validation of a global hydrological model: evaluating WaterGAP and calibration/data assimilation (C/DA) performance over France (EGU21-1317) in the session HS2.5.1
– 9.21 CEST: K. Schulze et al.: Joint assimilation of GRACE satellite and in-situ discharge observations into a global hydrological model (EGU21-7511) in the session HS2.5.1
– 9.28 CEST: A.T. Saraswati et al.: Surface deformations observed by GPS and its relation to groundwater variations in France (EGU21-15146) in the session G3.1


  • 01. – 04. 12. 2020:

– GlobalCDA Statusmeeting and discussing next steps via Webex.
– Self-organized data assimilation workshop of the ECRs (Early Career Researcher) via zoom.






– Online workshop on “Career development through career funding” for PhDs.

  • 02. – 03. 11. 2020:

– Online workshop on “Career development through career funding” for PostDocs.

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