Project Group 3

Pareto-optimal calibration for multiple hydrological signatures and spatio-temporal patterns

Within GlobalCDA, the goal of project P3 is to improve the simulation of continental water cycle dynamics by further developing and applying a multi-objective calibration scheme based on the principle of Pareto optimality. The focus is on setting up the Pareto-optimal calibration (POC) approach with more than two objective functions so that the various observational data sets developed in this RU can be included as model constraints, with the aim of a more robust parameter estimation and an enhanced physical realism of the model. Objective functions will be developed based on hydrological signatures that evaluate catchment functioning and dynamics, such as the storage-discharge relationship. In this context, for the first time, a calibration scheme for the dominant spatio-temporal patterns of water storage based on Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis will be developed. Simulation uncertainties and inadequate model structures will be determined from the spread and the trade-offs in Pareto solutions.